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6 secret tips for insane muscle growth


Just getting started with bodybuilding training? Or have you been lifting for months or years, barely making any progress? Either way, you can seriously jump-start your growth if you make a few BIG changes to your routine. Training, nutrition, supplementation, and rest – they’ve all got to be on point if you ever want to make progress! Here are my top 6 tips for bodybuilding training.


Tip#1: Eat to Grow

It doesn’t matter how often, how heavy, or how hard you lift – you’ll never make any progress without a proper diet! Remember, you’re trying to get BIGGER, and your body can’t just make that new muscle tissue out of nothing. Plus, you’ll need plenty of energy to fuel your training sessions. Bodybuilding nutrition can get pretty complex, but a few key tips will take you far. First and foremost, make protein your priority. Aim for at least one gram per pound of body weight per day, and don’t count the little amounts you get from grains and nuts. Animal protein is what counts, and you need it in every meal! Once you’ve got your protein squared away, fill up on fats and vegetables for most of your meals. Keep your carbs pre- and post-workout, and stick with rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Some skinny guys can get away with bread, pasta, and other junk – but you should keep things clean if you want to stay lean! (Read:Five delicious bodybuilding recipes)

Tip#2: Lift Big to Get Big

This should be a no-brainer, but there are tons of trainers claiming that light weights can somehow get you big. There’s a time and place for high reps, sure, but heavy weights need to be the cornerstone of your training. Squats, deadlifts, presses, and pulls – every workout should feature at least two or three of these critical movements. Always strive to add weight and reps, and keep a journal of your best lifts. If you’re still a beginner, you’ll make a hell of a lot more progress chasing personal records than going for a pump.

Tip#3:   Hit the Sack

For most guys, this is other ‘missing’ piece of the muscle building puzzle. Plenty of lifters get their diets right, but they still don’t progress because they never sleep! Your food provides the fuel and building blocks for muscle growth, and sleep provides the perfect anabolic environment. You’ll also need plenty of rest if you want to consistently break records in your workouts.

Tip#4: Check Your Stress

Strung out, under pressure, or just plain exhausted? If so, you’re not going to be making any gains! Bodybuilding training is  ‘high level’ activity for your body, and fighting stress will always take priority. If you’re sleeping well, your diet’s on point, and you’re still not gaining – look at your lifestyle to see what’s wrong. You’ll be amazed how much muscle you can gain when you chill out and limit negative influences.

 Tip#5: Stay in Shape

A lot of lifters will disagree, but I think you should stay in shape while you gain mass. You’ll probably have to gain a little fat along with the muscle, but you don’t need to get fat or let your cardio go to hell. Limit the cheat meals, take walks on your off days, and do a few sprints once or twice a week. After all, you’re just going to have to spend more time dieting if you let yourself get sloppy.

Tip#6: Prioritize

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been lifting for years, you’re going to have to make bodybuilding training a priority in your life. Want to drink, party, and stay out late? That’s fine! Just don’t expect to make optimal progress. Anything worth accomplishing takes effort and time, so you’ll need to decide now if you’re willing to do what it takes. If you are, check out Bigger, Better, Faster Now to jump-start your gains!

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