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Ideas on how to Save Money When Buying

Ideas on how to Save Money When Buying

Shopping is very addicting. Usually, the household budget is sacrificed once you go shopping. Shopping should not give you head aches so long as you know how to budget. Here are the things which you need to remember:

1. Remember to spend your money wisely whenever you go shopping. Bring the particular exact amount of money you need in buying your items. To make certain you only purchase the important things, you have to make a set of the things that you need to buy. You might then budget your money wisely and will prevent you from buying things that are not that important.

2. It is a good idea that you compare prices from different stores before buying a specific thing. Do not limit yourself to only one store. There are stores offering the same quality but can have a lower price. A smart thing you may do is to be mindful of the prices of the items that you buy regularly when shopping. At this time there are instances that a store has an unforeseen changing of costs on different items.

3. That is recommended that you do your shopping during the end of the growing season. Prices of many items, especially clothes, are incredibly low and affordable during this time of the entire year. You may buy clothes in the a few months of August and The month of september if you are looking for bargain clothes for your summer wear.

4. You might shop in money stores where you can find items that are on sale and where prices are low. Though the quality of some items is different when you buy in shopping malls and shopping galleries but the merchandises are still new and not yet used. These stores provides you the best prices that can cope with on your budget.

5. Another way to save money while shopping is to economize the travel you make in locating the stores you want to buy something. You may take a stop on your daily route to find out if the items you buy regularly never have changed their prices and/or still in the price of your finances. You may purchase the item could you do your shopping schedule. This can save you fuel and time.

6. Try to find discount stores offering quality items that contain discount rates and may offer a very affordable price on your desired item. The prices on discount stores may vary depending on season of the year. These stores can be found in large shopping areas similar to malls and shopping galleries and museums.


Go to Google and type  finance Torch so you will get then click and check all type of Ideas for saving money.


When you land in Saudi Arabia and have your first involvement with the postal administration you will rapidly comprehend why numerous avoid internet shopping. I have been through what’s coming to me of postal question, discounts, bothers and so forth with regards to internet shopping.

So why much trouble? Truly, I adore internet shopping it is one of my most loved side interests. Additionally, the arrangements you get online are incomprehensible here as are a large number of the design choices. I do have a tendency to like to get the vast majority of my design and magnificence purchases on the web. Following a couple of years of experience

I have custom fitted a short rundown of the best online shops conveying to Saudi Arabia. As far as choices, cost and client benefit every one of these spots completely fulfilled my shopping knowledge.

Remember the best conveyance choice regardless of where you shop online is by messenger shipping (trackable), on the off chance that it is not offered then I would mull over going out on a limb.

1. ASOS >

For all your style needs ASOS is the spot to shop. With a gigantic choice of design purchases for men and ladies this is a certain victor in my books. Conveying both their own image and different architects you will undoubtedly discover what you’re searching for. They offer both standard and express dispatching (messenger) and are phenomenal with regards to client administration. I totally cherish ASOS!

2. FeelUnique >

All things excellence can be found here and at sensible rates. I specified in a before post about the strange swelling of costs on beauty care products (here) in Saudi Arabia, so this is a spending well disposed choice. They convey a huge number of restorative brands, body and hairlines and apparatuses for all your excellence needs. The main constraint when shopping here is that a few alternatives are restricted to Saudi Arabia customers on account of outskirt controls (boo)! At any rate in case you’re a stunner addict then this spot is made of dreams…

3. Kobo >

Savants this one is for you. The more famous site Amazon is additionally an alternative however I thought that it was loaded with bothers when I attempted to get something sent here. Indeed, even downloadable ebooks were dangerous and I the client administration did nothing for me. For bother free ebooks KOBO is the spot to shop. Everything is done on the web, straightforward and stretch free. Stocking the most up to date discharges and what’s coming to them of works of art this is a spot to visit. Additionally, it is perfect with most tablet devices including the iPad so there is no compelling reason to purchase the particular KOBO tablet.

4. Souq >

Electronic hotspot this online shop is the solution for your nerd needs. They are a Middle Eastern organization that offers everything from cameras to home machines. Continually conveying the most recent models you are certain to discover what you’re searching for. The special reward shopping here is that they offer pay on conveyance benefit that gives you a chance to pay for your buy when the messenger touches base with your conveyance. This is awesome for the individuals who don’t have charge cards or those that are tired about utilizing their Visas on the web. As far as possible shopping here is that you have to every now and again check the site since stock rapidly offers out.

5. Cobone >

Not your run of the mill online shop. This site is the spot to go when you’re searching for an arrangement. The site offers coupons for a few retailers, administrations, and excursion bundles each day at shockingly low costs. You will go over excellence spa bundles to auto itemizing specials, actually a coupon for everything. The site is city particular so simply pick the city your right now dwelling in and shop away. The site is unquestionably time touchy, as the specials are open for a couple days on end and restricted to a specific number. It is anything but difficult to utilize and is an incredible approach to encounter new eateries, spas and so on decisively of squandering any cash.

How You Can Make Big Money Importing From China – The Rise and Fall of My Empire…

You might not know this, but one of the very first profitable businesses I ran was an importing company. From the age of 13 til the age of 18, I imported a whole bunch of random stuff and sold it on various websites. It was really difficult when I was getting started, partially due to my lack of experience, and partially due to the fact that there was nobody there to help me.

My friend Devan Earle is thinking about getting into the import arbitrage business and emailed me with some questions last night…
A couple hundred dollars worth of imports…

A couple hundred dollars worth of imports…
Our conversation made me remember how impossible it seemed for me when I first got started, and how many questions there were that needed answering…

Due to the popularity of this article, we now host free training events! Reserve your spot in our next live training below…

Where do you find suppliers? How do you know what’s going to sell? When you know that, how do you know what to determine to sell? How do you eliminate the risk of scams and bad shipments? Where do you even begin to research?

Our conversation got so in depth that I decided to turn it into a blog post.

So this is basically going to be an A-Z guide on what I would do, step by step, if I was going to start over again at importing products from Asia and selling them online. I’ll also include some insights on what made me choose these steps. If you plan on trying this out, I would suggest bookmarking this blog post and referencing it in the future. I am planning on it being a complete guide and will be continually adding to it based on questions I get from readers.

I encourage you to go through step by step and not jump around, as I put it in this order for a specific reason. This is the order I would do things in, and the order that I learned them in.

I will also tell you the story of my rise and fall in the importing industry – or at least the interesting parts

Note – I have since written a follow up to this post called “Step-by-Step Guide on How To Find A Profitable Product To Sell”
Knowing What to Avoid and the Basics
Import Meme

Don’t be like this guy…

You have to understand going into this business that it is a risky one. Dealing with Asian businesses is very, very different than dealing with American ones. If you go into this not knowing that there is a lot of risk involved, you will probably end up with $1,000 worth of iPhone 2 knockoffs in your garage, or $1,000 worth of nothing at all…

That being said – if you are careful, understand what you’re doing, and know what to avoid, you can make a KILLING with a relatively small amount of work.
Understand what you are doing

As with any other project you are trying, make sure you have a really clear understanding of what you’re going to be doing before going into it. Like I said above, if you aren’t careful, it is really easy to end up with a hilariously absurd amount of worthless product you will never sell. I still have a box of worthless imported crap I was never able to sell, I should probably throw that out…

What you are trying to do here is this –

Find a good product – I always hate when this is the first step of something I am reading, but unfortunately it is here too. Luckily, picking niches for this is pretty easy and quick, and doesnt involve pouring through monotonous keyword data.
Find a good supplier – There are a handful of great suppliers in every niche. It really takes some digging to find them (along with a little luck), but there are some things you can do to make sure you avoid the scams and increase your odds at finding an awesome supplier.
Sell and build – After you have a good product, and a good supplier, you just have to start selling it. If it were me, I would leverage existing sales channels (eBay, Amazon, etc) to both sell my product, and build up my own recurring customer base. So that is what I am going to focus on.

Things not to do

Don’t buy in bulk from a factory until you have their samples in your hands and you LOVE them.
Don’t let any supplier convince you they can’t ship single samples, they are trying to scam you.
Don’t pay with any other method but PayPal for the first 6 months with your supplier. This eliminates a ton of risk.
Don’t buy from a company that won’t accept PayPal. What it really means is that they had a PayPal, and it was shut down due to complaints.
Don’t buy counterfeit crap. Not that there isn’t money to be made there, it is just a bad business to build.
Don’t buy a lot of inventory in the beginning. I started off buying 1-5 units at a time until I built up the money to reinvest into inventory.
Don’t give these suppliers your personal email. The email will be effectively nuked and unusable for years, trust me…

Well, I hope that gets you in the right mindset. Let’s get into the beef of it. BEEF.
Step 1 – Finding a Good Product and Potential Suppliers

This is really going to be the most important part of all of this. This is where you find the opportunities and start developing relationships.

I will tell you how to find good products and good suppliers, but first let me tell you how I initially broke through and succeeded with this method.

When I first got started, I went right to counterfeit purses, shoes, and P90x’s. I made a KILLING selling these through Craigslist, Amazon, and eBay, but quickly decided to get away from them. I didn’t want to build a business on foundations of questionable legality, and you shouldn’t either. I handed these businesses off to my friends – one of which made something like $60,000 in 3 months JUST selling P90x’s on Craigslist and hand delivering them around NYC.

The other friend was making around the same amount with shirts and shoes, but got cocky and soon found all of the trademark owners coming after him (like coming to his house in black tinted cars watching him and his family after him). He ended up paying out a sizable settlement, right around the industry standard of 3x earnings. Needless to say, he had to liquidate all the fancy toys he bought with his earnings.

And that is why you should avoid counterfeit designer crap. I won’t say it won’t make you money, because I know it will. But it is like dealing drugs, you are building a business that is contrary to the law, and it will end up biting you. Bad…

After I got out of that market, I found I could source competitive Katana swords and sell them on eBay for an unreasonable markup. However, I soon figured out that high ticket items required a lot more capital and are inherently riskier to sell after getting a few returns and bad shipments, so I got out of that and into knives, airsoft guns, mace, and other self defense equipment. I found there was profit to be made on these when looking around for places to sell my swords.

Airsoft guns quickly became my bread and butter. Right after I found my supplier I listed on eBay and immediately started selling 15-30 airsoft guns a day, easily undercutting all my competition and still coming away with a clean $10-20 profit per sale. And best of all, I didnt even touch the product after a while. I finally found an AWESOME supplier who handled all the returns for me with no questions asked, gave me a generous payment structure, and handled all shipping. It was a dream supplier.

Your goal is to find a dream supplier for ANY product you are making money on, because then you can focus on growing the sales of your business rather than on customer service and shipping.

It isn’t easy, but if you follow my advice below you will greatly increase your odds of finding a great supplier and product.
Where and how to find suppliers

Your best friend in the importing business is AliBaba. I have used it for every single product I have ever imported. I use it for my own businesses, I use it for clients, and I know a ton of people that use it. It is an awesome resource.

Don’t fall into the traps of Doba, WorldWideBrand, Volusion, or whatever other scam solutions are out there to find suppliers. I made the mistake of trying all of these when I first got started, and just ended up wasting hundreds of dollars for little to no value. Just stay away from these, trust me.

With AliBaba, you will be looking at only Gold members. I don’t care how awesome of a deal you get from a non-gold member, or how many factory certifications they have, you DON’T buy from non-gold members. Just following this rule will help you to avoid 98% of the scams and bad suppliers. Any other certifications or whatever are just icing on the cake.

You really want to find a supplier that will do cheap samples, offers PayPal payments (even at an increased rate, use PayPal), and seems to respond to your communications quickly and effectively.

Open up AliBaba for now, as you will be jumping back to it frequently while researching product to know if you can make a profit.
Where and how to find products

There are a few limits on what kinds of items you want to sell –

It needs to be small and light – Trust me on this, you don’t want to deal with the headaches that come with shipping furniture or kitchen appliances around the world. You want something that is going to be cheap to ship around, because shipping is going to eat your profit margins alive.
It needs to be a simple item – What I mean by this is you want something that is simple to manufacture and has a relatively high margin of error. Most of these factories are not going to have the highest quality standards in the world, so the greater the margin of error you can put up with while keeping your customers happy the better. Competitive katana swords did not have a great margin for error before customers started noticing, as they were vigorously slicing sh*t with them all day (slicing rolled up Tatami Mats to be specific).
Keep it in the $10-200 range – In my experience, it becomes very capital intensive and much riskier if you are selling items any higher than this. Higher ticket items are usually harder to ship, require higher quality control, and really magnify your mistakes when first starting out in importing. I have yet to find success outside of that price range, so I cant suggest you take any chances in it, but of course use your own judgement.
Don’t sell what you buy – Devan made a great point when I was speaking with him that you can’t sell items that you buy. Most of us buy electronics, clothes, food, and other essentials. I can tell you right now that you are not going to compete in any of those markets. You really have to niche down in this and find a nice little nook for you to sit in.
Don’t go seasonal – You want to find items that have a consistent base of buyers. I am sure there is a bunch of money to be made in selling Christmas stuff and winter clothes from Asia, but it is going to be extremely seasonal, and you are probably going to end up with a ton of worthless inventory.

Other than that, you are really free to explore whatever comes to mind.

What I would do is go onto a few sites and browse around –

Alibaba – You should have this open already, but I often look around AliBaba to see what items are being promoted and check around the sites below to see what kind of margins I could get. For instance, right now there is a 4 year Gold company (online now!) selling LED Light Bulbs for $2.65/unit. Even better, they do Escrow, and have onsite inspections from Alibaba. I can quickly go over to Amazon and see these same bulbs selling for $9.50 – 11.99, a VERY healthy margin! And that’s just the first thing I looked at! There is a niche right there.
eBay – Check out the completed listings on eBay to see what kind of prices you can consistently sell items for. I often use eBay auction descriptions also to gain some knowledge on a product if I see it is the exact same. Prices are the main thing here though, you get a really reliable indicator of demand. You have to click on the side bar menu to get to completed listings, here is a picture.
Amazon – I go to this page and check out all of the different tabs for “Movers & Shakers” and whatnot. I click around the categories and drill down to find things I think may not have a lot of importers in already. Again, typically weird items, like LED bulbs, skateboard parts, and katanas do well, so I try to find weird things that catch my eye and compare them against stuff on Alibaba.
Other tools – mySimon Top Searches, Shopzilla Top Searches, Kaboodle Hot Picks

Just keep looking through the market data on those sites and comparing it against what you can get from Alibaba. It may take some time, but eventually you will naturally learn what works and you will start finding great product opportunities left and right. If you really have issues finding a product, comment below or email me and I will see if I can help [will at startupbros dot com]
Eventually you’ll find some opportunities that you want to move forward with. The next step is to start talking to suppliers and getting your hands on some samples. Don’t worry, they all speak english (kind of)…
Indentify & Mail Key Suppliers

Now that we have a product, we can start sorting through suppliers and contacting the ones that look promising.

All I would do is –

Search for LED light bulb in Alibaba with the correct filters – You should have already been doing this before to check your product costs in the previous steps. At this point though, we want to switch to searching for “Suppliers” rather than “Products”, as seen in the picture below. I typically start with filtering by “Gold Supplier” and adding “Onsite Checked”, “Assessed Supplier”, and “Escrow” in that order until I am down to 20-30 suppliers. If there are still a ton, that is fine. Just try to find some way to narrow it down to the very best and take the 20-30 top ones.
Contact the good ones – Now that you have a list of the prime suppliers for your product, you want to contact them and get some additional information. I usually just ask about their MOQ (Minumum Order Quantity), payment and shipping policies, sample policy, and a price list or product spec sheet. They usually have all of this on hand. IMPORTANT – Don’t use your personal email for this stuff, as it will be spammed into oblivion for years! Asia is not quite as serious about their emails as we are 🙂
Converse, get a feel for things – Now see who messages you back and how serious it seems they are taking your business. Keep in mind that they are competing for your business at this point, and have no idea if you are looking to put in a $100 order or a $10,000 order. Their customer service at this point is a good indicator of where it will be in the future. Don’t be afraid to haggle and engaging in some price warring, they are much more used to that in China. It isn’t uncommon to see an item start at $200 and be sold for $20 in a Chinese tourist market. I could write a whole post on price negotiation, but the main thing with this is you have to low-ball your first counter offer to anchor the price possibility window at a lower level. You should get by fine with that.
Samples! – Ah, finally….the fun part! Now we get to put in some small orders to get samples shipped directly to us. I usually get samples from 2-5 suppliers I am considering, but never just one. SERIOUSLY go over these samples when you get them. Also take note of shipping times, costs, damage, etc. Put the items through some stress, check every last nook and cranny of them. Think about how customers will be using them and push the item harder. You need something that is going to stand up if you are going to put your name behind it, so find something to be proud about selling.

*Note on Minimum Order Quantities* – I had a lot of people mention to me that the MOQ posted by many manufacturers is extremely high, so I figured I would paste my response here –

The minimum order they list is generally not concrete, and is most of the time their average or desired order size. There is no way to know for sure without messaging the suppliers directly, which is why I go for 15-30 initially.

In my experience, Chinese factories will go through many hoops to work with you on order sizes, unless they are a MASSIVE factory that only ships via sea. If they use normal air shipping at all, they shouldnt mind sending out even a single item via air (which is what they do with samples anyways).

Again, with some items it will be different than other. For instance I looked into selling LED lighting that attaches to the sides of buildings, and the margins looked great, but the MOQ ended up being somewhere around $5,000 of lights due to the purpose of the item (to run down entire high rise buildings). I skipped over that one.

Another option is, Alibaba’s site for smaller orders. You will generally get better prices for the same amount on Alibaba if you are willing to put in the effort to communicate with suppliers, but AliExpress is always an option.
After all of this, you should have at least one solid supplier for a product you know will sell. Guess what’s next…
Step 2 – Selling Your Product Through Existing Sales Channels
At this point, you are going to have to make a decision about your inventory. If it were me, I would invest the couple hundred bucks and buy 5-10 pieces of my product to get started. You can certainly buy one at a time to start and that will work, it will just be a slower start.

I guess now is a good time to mention that I have not found drop shipping to be a viable option for somebody just starting out with a new supplier. The only times I have ever had successful drop ship relationships with suppliers is after a long and prosperous history, at which point they work with me to get their American distributors to drop ship. More on that later, but I thought I would mention it as you don’t want to do that just starting out, it almost always ends with unhappy customers and banned accounts.

Anyways, you need to get a few pieces of inventory and start selling them.

I only suggest using TWO of these THREE sales channels when first starting out – Amazon, eBay, Craigslist

Notice I did not say spam your friends on Facebook and every forum you can find about it. That is a ton of work and will produce very little result for you. Not once have a I tried to sell things to my Facebook friends, I barely even tell them what I am working on unless asked.

It is relatively easy to set up shop on all of these – I would just look at what the top sellers of your products are doing and then try to improve upon that. Most of the time, the copy text used in eBay and Amazon ads is free domain from the manufacturer, so you can get a lot from other sellers and simple Google searches.

Within a day or two after getting your product up, you should begin making sales. This is when things start to get really exciting. Just ship out your products at the closest post office and wait to see what happens. Make sure you ship as soon as you can and pack everything well obviously, but I am assuming you guys know how to ship things so I won’t go into much detail. Make sure you ship immediately, and make sure you pack it up well. I would also suggest throwing in a thank you note with a website or some way to turn these guys into recurring revenue (see below for more on this).

You should know pretty quickly if you are making money and what the problem areas are.

Within a month it should be painfully apparent if you need to find a new product or if you should scale up your current product.

If you can’t make a profit with your product on those sales channels, then I don’t think it is worth it to put any more effort into that specific product, and I would look for another product to sell.

Given that you are finding success with your product and have no deadly hiccups (lucky those don’t exist…), let’s move on to scaling this baby up.

Step 3 – SCALE!

After I had my airsoft guns up on eBay and Amazon, all I had to do was keep track of inventory and shipping. Being 15 at this time, I was ecstatic.

I slowly started to add more products to eBay and Amazon, started sending out promotional materials with my shipments, began advertising, and started a brand name behind my business. My 20 order per day average quickly swelled to 30, 40, 50 sales per day.

Keep in mind that NONE of this would be possible if I didn’t find an awesome supplier in the first place. If you’re reading REALLY closely you’ll notice that I was 15 now, and it took a full 2 years of many mistakes and marginal success before I got to this point. Hopefully from reading this article, you can skip most of those mistakes and get right to the success.

I didn’t really know what I was doing and was kind of just throwing money at things and seeing what works. It was an awesome learning experience for me, and I learned a ton about what works and what doesn’t work in marketing and growing online sales.

Here is the stuff that I did to scale up my sales that will probably work for you –

Advertising with Amazon and eBay – I always made a solid return with these advertising programs, specifically Amazon.
Listing yourself on other sales channels – I eventually made an eCommerce store so that my products could be listen through the primitive versions of Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and every other shopping venue I could find online. If I could put my items up and sell through them, I did. And each new channel gave me a little bit of growth for free.
Brand yourself – The days of branding yourself as “” are long gone. You have to find a good brand name that resonates with the crowd you are selling to, and it will exponentially reward you over time. You can read this post to see how I decide on brand names.
Aim for recurring revenue – I started seeing solid growth from including coupons and promotional materials in each shipment. Eventually, I set up an email and SMS subscription that would send them deals and updates on airsoft items. I also set up a monthly subscription for airsoft pellets, which I couldn’t sell on eBay due to very small margins. The key here is to focus on siphoning off buyers from the pre-existing sales channels into your own lists and databases. That way, you can market to them for free on demand, rather than having no way to contact them after their first order.

And the stuff that didn’t work

PPC Advertising – Advertising outside of where I was selling never worked for me very well on this, however I was also very young and didn’t know much about running PPC campaigns. If you are already good with PPC, then try it. If not, I wouldnt even try until you have some money to lose.
Social Media – Just isnt going to work for importing. MAYBE you can find a way to do this if you are a really, really good social media marketer, but 99% of people are not going to get any sales from social media with this.
Pretty much anything I didn’t mention above – If I didn’t mention it above, I didn’t make enough money with it to remember it. I would stick to just the things I know work, which are littered all over this article.

If you are unsure about a marketing method you are thinking about trying, just comment below or email me and I will tell you what I know about them…
Keep in mind that the only money I was putting into this was reinvested earnings. You can certainly spend out of pocket to grow faster, but my goal in this post is keeping your risks low while still growing, and bootstrapping (funding your growth from internal operating revenue) is the best way I know to do that.
If you follow this tutorial, you will eventually be where I was – making a solid 50 orders a day. At this point shipping and inventory are going to really start taking a toll on you and your time. You’ll want to work on moving in one of two directions –

Negotiate better terms with your supplier – Once my supplier knows I am a valuable contact who will make him solid, easy money day in and day out, I am his golden boy. Now you can start to negotiate prices and shipping terms. I usually try to get some price cuts, but my main thing is getting the factory to drop ship (generally through a US office or distributor). If the factory can ship to my customers for me and handle returns, my business is next to automated. This is where I got with the airsoft stuff, and I loved it. A true “4 Hour Workweek“.
Start outsourcing the processes – If you cant get your factory to drop ship to customers for you, you are going to want to get rid of that aspect of your business somehow. You will be making enough money by now to hire somebody to do the shipping for you locally. Try to get somebody local (a friend or family member) to start, as it is much easier, safer, and cheaper to manage a friend than an employee. Hire a VA to send the orders to your friend, keep your listings running smoothly, respond to customers immediately, and order inventory.

If you get past this point, it is really up to you where to take it. I preferred to keep it at this level (automated cash flow), but you could certainly grow this as large as you wanted to. There is no real limit on how much money an importing business can make, and you have built a solid foundation to build off of.
The Fall of My Empire

At this point, there was very little that could go wrong. Short of some horrible unforeseen event taking place, I had a steady stream of automated income coming in – one of the first ones I had ever built.

Then there was a horrible unforeseen event…

I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but the Chinese ports suddenly stopped shipping airsoft guns out. For over 3 months, I couldnt get any airsoft guns out of China.

I know it was more than 3 months, because that is when I was forced to throw in the towel.

I searched around for a replacement supplier from anywhere I could, but the prices had just skyrocketed. On top of that, I had a bunch of orders I couldn’t fill and angry customers…

With many new projects sprouting up, and being only 16 at the time, I refunded everybody and moved on…
I did make enough money to invest elsewhere, most of which was lost on other ventures. I learned more than I did in my entire schooling career with this business, and I hope I communicated everything well enough to expedite your learning curve.

The only thing to do now, if you haven’t been this entire time already, is TAKE ACTION! If this strategy intrigues you, get out there and at least try to put this stuff into action. Make it happen!

Please comment below if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions with any part of this – I will be responding to everything immediately for the next couple of days.

Good luck, and talk to you below!

Radha Madhav Corporation Limited (RMCL)

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The Company does business of Manufacturers, Dealers, Exporters, Importers of all kinds and classes and Commission Agents of Packaging Mediums, Containers, Bags and Articles used in packing, made out of Paper, Plastic, Rubber, jute, cloth, metal or combination of these including Resins, Polyethylene and Synthetic Chemicals and other suitable materials and whether required for industrial, commercial, household defense or any other purpose.

The conventional modes of packaging are being replaced by flexible packaging. Large manufacturers of FMCG, appliances, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, etc., are focusing on their core activity, driven by the mantra of core competence. Thereby non-core activities such as packaging or even manufacturing are being outsourced. In this environment more and more companies are likely to outsource packaging to specialist service providers. The flexible packaging industry, which uses paper, film of various types like PET, BOPP etc constitutes approx. 40%of entire packaging industry. Established global players in various industries are setting up operations in India, China, etc., to derive the benefit of lower costs as well as access to large potential markets. This makes India and China very attractive destinations for the packaging industry. The expansion of the Indian primary and secondary packaging market has been accelerated broadly due to growing middle class, conversion of traditional form of packaging into modern forms, favorable excise structure, liberalization of Indian economy, globalization, increasing hygiene consciousness, usage of small flex pack pouches, increasing textile exports packed in plastic bags, entry of multinationals fuelling the demand for sophisticated plastic-based flexible packaging products. The consumer market dominates the global packaging industry and accounts for an estimated 70 per cent of sales, with industrial applications taking the remaining 30 per cent of the share. The food industry is the largest end-user market, followed by the beverage industry. A high degree of potential exists for almost all user segments in India are expanding appreciably.

The introduction of biologics-based drugs has changed the pharmaceuticals industry. These highly sensitive drugs, whose efficacy is package-dependent, require high-barrier materials. Among current trends are increased use of disposable products, an aging population, continuing cost pressures on suppliers, increasing influence of hospital and health care related purchasing groups, continued shifts to outside contract packaging, and more and more emphasis on child-resistant/senior-friendly and tamper evident packaging. All of these will challenge the healthcare packaging industry through the decade and beyond. Intensified competition in the pharmaceutical industry is causing more importance to be placed on packaging as a product positioning tool-both visually and functionally.

The Company has Strong demand, multi production facilities, excellent marketing network, established strong clientele in the domestic market ensure a good prospects for the company.

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Top 10 Online Fashion Retailers for Students

As students we always want to be on-trend and up to date with the latest student fashion.

Here are a few hand-picked fashion retailer websites for shopping indoors without the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre. These websites will help you to look good without causing a massive dent in your bank balance.

Top 10 for student clothing

  1. – 8/10

    student fashion retailersA great online department store, a large variety of branded and non-branded items for both sexes.

    Price Range: Medium-High
    Latest Trends: High
    Website Usability: Very good, and easy to navigate
    Best thing about the site: Free delivery and returns

    Student Discount: No

    Check out »

  2. – 8/10

    Affordable clothing and accessories for women and now men. Decent value for money.

    Price Range: Low
    Latest Trends: Medium
    Website Usability: Fab filtering to make searching easier
    Best thing about the site: They are always selling discounted items and having sales

    Student Discount: 10%

    Check out boohoo »

  3. Topman/Topshop – 7/10

    Topman & TopshopGood quality and affordable fashion for both men and women. Always a student favourite although a high number of students shop from here!

    Price Range: Medium-High
    Latest Trends: High
    Website Usability: Good layout
    Best thing about the site:  A very high amount of student trends

    Student Discount: Topshop (10%), Topman (20%)

    Check out Topshop »

  4. Burton/Dorothy Perkins – 7/10

    Dorothy Perkins & BurtonBoth of these stores a linked so their styles are very similar. Similarly to Topman and Topshop, these are definitely student favourites.

    Price Range: Medium
    Latest Trends: Medium
    Website Usability: Easy to navigate and search
    Best thing about the site: Easy to search for cheap items and sales.

    Student Discount: Burton (20%), Dorothy Perkins (15%)

    Check out Burton »

    Check out Dorothy Perkins »

  5. New Look – 6/10

    New LookA lot of students aren’t aware that New Look have women’s and men’s clothes. They are really affordable.

    Price Range: Low
    Latest Trends: Medium
    Website Usability: Simple, Clean and clear website layout
    Best thing about the site: Plenty of offers and sales on the site.

    Student Discount: 10% Off

    Check out New Look »

  6. Bank – 6/10

    Latest fashions for men and women from the hottest brands

    Price Range: Medium
    Latest Trends: Medium
    Website Usability: Easy to navigate as it is well presented
    Best thing about the site: An SMS service which will text you the delivery date for your items.

    Student Discount: 10% Off

    Check out Bank »

  7. Asos – 8/10

    This site houses a large range of items for both men and women including branded and beauty items as well as an outlet store, meaning that you can get branded items for less.

    Price Range: Medium-High
    Latest Trends: High
    Website Usability: Very easy
    Best thing about the site: ‘Marketplace’ section of the website to pass on old or unworn clothing

    Student Discount: 10% off

    Check out ASOS »

  8. ASDA George – 6/10

    Asda GeorgeGeorge is surprisingly good for getting cheap clothes for smart occasions or just T-shirts etc to laze around in.

    Price Range: Low
    Latest Trends: Medium
    Website Usability: Easy navigation of website
    Best thing about the site: ‘Reserve and Collect Instore’ option

    Student Discount: No

    Check out George »

  9. Tesco Online – 7/10

    Fashion forward clothing and accessories for men and women at Tesco.

    Price Range: Medium
    Latest Trends: High
    Website Usability: Clear layout and design of website
    Best thing about the site: The ability to return items to your nearest store

    Student Discount: No

    Check out Tesco »

  10. Forever 21 – 6/10

    This site houses great clothes, accessories and shoes which are always up to date with the current fashion trends. An American based retailer, which also includes a menswear store and a Plus Size range.

    Price Range:Medium
    Latest Trends: High
    Website Usability: Fantastic, Clear Layout
    Best thing about the site: A ‘wish list’ to save and store